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Unleashed Climbing



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The whole current family!

23 sets made up of 177 holds.

Drifts FEINT EDGES (x 5)
Drifts MED FLAT EDGES (x 10)
Drifts LG EDGES (x 5)
Drifts LG FEET (x 10)
Drifts LG INCUTS (x 5)
Drifts LG JUGS (x 10)
Drifts MED EDGES (x 10)
Drifts MED JUGS 1 (x 10)
Drifts MED JUGS 2 (x 10)
Drifts MONSTER 2 (x 1)
Drifts MONSTER 4 (x 1)
Drifts LARGE PLATE (x 5)
Drifts MED RIB INCUTS (x 10)
Drifts SM EDGES 1 (x 10)
Drifts SM EDGES 2 (x 10)
Drifts SM FEET 1 (x 10)
Drifts SM FEET 2 (x 10)
Drifts SM JUGS (x 10)
Drifts TECH FEET (x 10)
Drifts XL JUGS 1 (x 5)
Drifts XS FEET (x 10)
Drifts XXL JUGS 1 (x 5)
Drifts XXXL JUGS 1 (x 5)



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