Our Brands

The stories behind our partner brands. Who they are, where they are, why they were started and what we think they bring to Whipper's group.


Our first brand connection.

Arguably the most famous and sought-after brand by competitions and commercial gyms the world over.

Made in Switzerland, "Flathold" has been a leading designer of the modern climbing hold, perfecting the art of tapered edging, dual-texture and hold aesthetics.

Teknik Handholds

Joining Whipper just before the company launch in July 2022, Teknik Handholds are a family owned U.S. brand that have been a crowd favourite in international competition and commercial route setting for over 3 decades.

An excellent work horse with never ending unique shape designs, Zoe and Seth remain the head shapers and operators of this classic hold brand.

Vezi Holds

An exciting new brand owned and shaped by Slovenian world cup climber, Gregor Vezonik.

Whipper is very proud to bring this brand to Australia for its debut year and to support Gregor's immense talent and passion for climbing.

His first two sets already contrasting each other with sleek and shiny on the Limitless side, and huge, multi-faceted and textured on the Otium side.

Unleashed Climbing

Shaped and conceived in Australia by our adopted son - long time route setter, international outdoor climber and pioneering hold shaper, Will Watkins.

Unleashed continues to bring intricate family members to the long and deep family lines. This brand epitomises stylish versatility.

Contact Holds

All the way from the United Kingdom, Alex Waterhouse and Max Ayrton bring us Contact Holds.

Large, stark striking shapes that hold their own aesthetic and break the rules of current hold shaping, as well as a mindful approach to green initiatives in indoor climbing hold production. This brand exudes heart and genuine love of climbing.


The legendary Japanese brand started by Masaki Yasuda back in 2007 has long been reputed as one of Japan's pioneering hold creators.

Marrying functionality with beauty, Yasuda's passion for climbing can be seen in each and every shape.

With a long history of use in both the Japanese and now international competition scene, it's easy to see why UBH has been selected as one of the latest IFSC certified brands in 2023.