Pocky's Now Live

Pocky's Now Live

The Pocky's are now available in Australia! These highly functional, zero-assembly wooden climbing rails are available in a range of custom colours! Produced locally in Brisbane, Australia, these shapes can be shipped to your doorstep in less than a month.

Part of our soon-to-be-launched volume catalogue, The Pocky's are one of our earliest product prototypes. After trialling them at the 2023 Urban Climb Boulderfest, we knew these were going to be a joy to climb on. We expanded on the set and tweaked the design of the shape, and managed to create a system that includes up to 25 rails of varying lengths and grip-abilities. We are incredibly excited to finally be able to offer the Pocky rail system in its entirety or in parts, to Australian route setters!

The Pocky's were designed for allowing setters to construct intricate and interesting rail-style climbing. Through countless combinative options, you can create beautiful and perplexing sequences that seamlessly integrate with other volume shapes or even holds if ordered in a hold colour.

The entire set ($1,868.75) comprises of 5 sets of 4 shapes:

  • The Pinch Set
  • Sloper Set
  • Edge Wide Set
  • Edge Thin (which stacks onto the Edge Wide) Set
  • Incut Set

 Each set includes a 300mm, 600mm, 1200mm and a 1500mm version of the shape. Purchasing the entire system gives you 20 individual shapes as well as an additional 5 shapes that we think are especially valuable 😎

Let the bricolage begin!!


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