Job #1: Keeping Climbers Safe

Job #1: Keeping Climbers Safe

Down Climbers should be a staple in any commercial climbing gym. As climbing continues to explode in popularity, more and more people are seeking to experience the joy of the sport, and with that comes a gym's responsibility in keeping those climbers as safe as possible.

You might think its only new or inexperienced climbers that benefit from down climbing jugs, but there are several other factors at play which make the inclusion of Down Climbers in your gym a must-have:

  • Help Push The Newer Crowd: By including down climbing jugs, even amongst your easier boulders, route setters can facilitate learning trickier and more engaging moves for the beginner crowd. Allowing ample opportunity to bail from a sketchy move or use the juggy alternative in a cruxy section helps lessen the risk of your beginner climbers getting into situations they're not prepared for and allows them to engage with trickier climbs.
  • Keep Your Veterans Climbing Longer: As we get comfortable on the wall we don't mind taking spills from up high, but repeatedly jumping from a 4 metre high wall is certainly not doing your ankles and knees any favours. Applying Down Climbers keeps your regulars safe and climbing longer, there's nothing worse than seeing injuries from needless fall impact!
  • Keep Your Mats Squishy Longer: Small, repeated steps and tumbles wear out your safety mats a lot slower than big, heavy thuds from a height. The more you can keep people stepping off the wall slowly and softly, the longer your matting and foam is going to last (meaning you have more budget to spend on what we all love... New holds!)

With these points in mind, we're super excited to be making our very own WHIPPER DOWN CLIMBER hold available to order now! Available in a range of colours and poured right here in Brisbane, Australia! Designed to be sleek and simple to keep the impact on your beautiful sets as minimal as possible.

We are also offering DOWN CLIMBING FEET to accompany the jug. Feet can be very useful on slab and vertical terrain where hold use tends to be more minimal.

Take a look at our latest order forms for prices and available colours, and get in touch if you have any questions!

Happy (safe) Whipping!


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