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Unleashed Climbing

Roughline: FULL LINE

Roughline: FULL LINE

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The whole current family!

32 sets made up of 205 holds.

Roughline FOOT JIBS (x 5)
Roughline LG EDGE 1 (x 5)
Roughline LG FIN EDGE (x 3)
Roughline LG FLAKES (x 5)
Roughline LG JUGS 1 (x 5)
Roughline LG JUGS 2 (x 5)
Roughline LG Long Edge 2 (x 5)
Roughline LG LOW PINCH (x 5)
Roughline LG SLOPE EDGES (x 5)
Roughline MED EDGE 2 (x 10)
Roughline MED EDGE 3 (x 5)
Roughline MED EDGES (x 10)
Roughline MED FEET (x 10)
Roughline MED FLAKES (x 5)
Roughline MED JIBS (x 5)
Roughline MED JUGS 1 (x 5)
Roughline MED JUGS 2 (x 5)
Roughline MED LONG EDGE (x 5)
Roughline MED RIB EDGE (x 5)
Roughline SM DEEP EDGES (x 10)
Roughline SM FEET 2 (x 10)
Roughline SM JUGS (x 5)
Roughline SM STEEP EDGES (x 10)
Roughline SMALL EDGE 2 (x 10)
Roughline SMALL EDGES (x 10)
Roughline SMALL FEET (x 10)
Roughline SMALL JIBS (x 5)
Roughline XL LONG EDGE (x 5)
Roughline XL PINCHES (x 3)
Roughline XL PINCHES 1 (x 4)
Roughline XL SLOPE EDGES (x 5)
Roughline XS EDGES 1 (x 10)



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