Welcome to Australia UNDERBLUEHOLD!

Welcome to Australia UNDERBLUEHOLD!

It's been some time coming, but we're finally able to announce our partnership with UNDERBLUEHOLD. The legendary Japanese brand is finally available in Australia!

If you're a hold nerd / route setting aficionado, you're probably familiar with Masaki Yasuda and his UNDERBLUEHOLD brand.

The Japanese hold shaper started out his shaping journey back in 2007 and has since become a renowned brand-name and pioneer of Japanese hold manufacturing. His attention to detail and ability to craft beautiful and functional holds has become something of a legend and has even earned him a place as one of the IFSC certified hold brands. 

The brand concept focuses on functionality and beauty coexisting as one, which can clearly be seen from the craftsmanship of the entire range.

We are beyond excited at the opportunity of getting to work with Yasuda and UBH and can't wait to see more his holds hit the walls here in Australia.


“I want more people to enjoy climbing. No matter how the time change, I’ll always stay true to this concept.” - Masaki Yasuda
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